Molly Adair



Molly is an illustrator and designer in Providence, RI. She is currently the Communications & Creative Manager at Focal Upright Furniture, where she spends her days drawing people and spines, designing marketing materials, and coming up with bad puns for social media. She's a 2014 Venture for America Fellow, which brought her to Rhode Island. Molly is a proud William & Mary alum and first grew roots in design during her time at the William & Mary Alumni Association.

Molly is a runner, a huge How I Met Your Mother fan, and a terrible a cook. She likes to make fun of Vox's use of maps and charts and is currently building KIT, to help friends keep in touch. One time she made a Tumblr of Obama winking. Every once in a while she posts her knowledge gaps.

For project inquiries, contact Molly below.