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Awesome blogs that will make you a better marketer

Originally appeared on the SocialProvidence blog

We are ravenous blog content consumers. On average, my inbox breaks down to 30% work-related emails and 70% blog newsletter subscriptions (this is also thanks to Slack). It's very easy to ignore so many newsletter subscriptions or to simply direct them towards the spam folder. We've compiled a list of blogs you won't want to ignore:


Andrew Chen

Description: Andrew Chen is a startup investor and advisor who regularly spills invaluable knowledge on his blog. His posts on marketing and growth are so good they are applicable to marketing challenges faced by all companies, both large and small. In addition, as an expert blogger, he writes about blogging as well, openly sharing the secrets of his own success.

Topics covered: Startups, growth hacking, blogging, industry and investing

Favorite post: Growing renewable audiences

Frequency: About once a week


Buffer Social

Description: The Buffer app is already a staple for us when it comes to scheduling social media content for our clients. We also love the Buffer Social blog. Focused specifically on social media, the blog provides great insights on increasing engagement, growing a following, and using analytics to craft successful posts.

Topics covered: Social media, content creation, time savers, growth through social

Favorite post: The Social Media Advertising Beginner's Guide for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

Frequency: Daily


The Content Strategist by Contently

Description: In college, I was taught over and over that the best brands are those that engage in "storytelling." Contently's blog, the Content Strategist, wholeheartedly embraces this belief and has created an awesome blog that focuses on content as storytelling. They divide posts both by topic and by type of article, including:

  • Features - long-form stories
  • Trends - charts, tips, and Buzzfeed-esque lists
  • Guides - eBooks, trends, and studies

Topics covered: Content marketing, brands, storytelling, future of content

Favorite post: How IKEA Became Kings of Content Marketing

Frequency: Daily


HubSpot Marketing Blog

Description: HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software. Their marketing blog is worth checking out, even though their newsletters are quite frequent - on average I receive three emails from them a day - but their topics are highly specific and can be really useful. If I'm looking for a particular topic, such as why viral campaigns are successful or how typography can help your content design, odds are that I've gotten an email newsletter about a similar blog topic. Be warned: three times a day does clutter the inbox.

Topics covered: Inbound marketing, content creation, social media, blogging

Favorite post: 7 Current Design Trends Every Marketer Should Know

Frequency: Three times a day


Product Hunt

Description: We've talked before about how we're huge fans of Product Hunt. The platform makes it easy to find cool products that fit a wide range of descriptions. PH's daily newsletter provides curated lists and the top products each day. Their newsletter is less of a blog or article format and more of a roundup, which makes for a quick, easy read.

Topics covered: Products, startups, tech, design

Favorite post: Uber for X

Frequency: Daily 

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